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How To Spot And Fix A Roof Leak

some signs of roof leaks

A roof leak is annoying and it damages both the ceiling, walls, and foundation. Some leaks are minor but they can lead to major damage. Like other walls of your house, the roof is also important and needs maintenance and extra care.

A small drip may symbolize a big roofing issue and you may need to spend thousands of dollars in the future for roof repair to prevent roof leaking. Thus, it is necessary to keep an eye on roof damage signs so you can take immediate action without fail.

Here are some signs of roof leaks:

Foul Smell
There will be an unpleasant smell in your house if there is roof leakage and this is where your nose plays a crucial role. If you experience a distinct smell that lasts for days, then do not take it lightly and find the reason. The musty smell is noticed by leaking water when you turn on the temperature control system of your home or open windows for fresh air. This is because of insulation caused by water and you must check your attic to inspect any damage.

Water Stains on the Ceiling
A water stain on the ceiling makes it look ugly. Generally, a water stain is a large puddle with a brown ring making the ceiling dull however not all stains are similar. Some stains cannot be seen as they are in dark corners. Pay attention to the smaller stains as they may indicate a larger leak. If there is any discoloration on the walls or ceiling, it may be a sign of the roof leaking. However minor discoloration is fine over the years but leakage stains are different.

Growth on Walls
Mold on indoor walls can lead to several health issues such as asthma, respiratory tract infections, and cancer of some forms. Once each month you must inspect every corner and hidden space of your home to see any outgrowth. A leaking roof will cause outbreaks in the ceiling, vents, light, and fan fixtures. If you see any sign of roof leakage, make sure to immediately contact your home insurance provider.

The mold or moss on exterior walls indicates that there may be a problem with the gutters or downspouts. They move water deep inside the ground. When downspouts or gutter leaks, you may see erosion and moisture on the building exterior near the leakage.

Hearing a dripping sound is disturbing and you immediately run to turn off the showerhead or faucet. Dripping sound is normal but it should not be taken lightly if you hear the sound constantly. Drips often indicate roof leakage and even if the moisture on walls goes away you must get it checked. You may see an ice dam that is because of the freezing and melting of ice and snow.

The water goes in the shingles and freezes causing intermittent leaks. Thus, if you see moisture on the walls, investigate deeper even if it goes away. The moisture issue causes permanent damage. Also, you should inspect the attic for possible damage and check the roof for related issues. A leak can cause cracks and you must immediately contact a roofing contractor for roof repair.

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