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Roof Maintenance Tips

Roof maintenance checklist

As a homeowner, you’re probably accustomed to doing some of your own maintenance. When it comes to roof maintenance, this should be no different. There are some things you can and should do yourself.

Removing Loose Debris
Things like branches and leaves will accumulate on your roof over time. You’ll want to have someone help you carefully remove these items on a dry, sunny day so you don’t slip off the roof.

Inspecting Your Roof
You should inspect your roof for any water that may be seeping into your home. Some of the things you’ll want to look for here include:

  • Stains on the ceiling of the inside of your home or attic
  • Missing, lifted, or loose shingles
  • Moss or mold growth
  • Worn spots in your roof that are denoted by missing granules, cracks, peeling or curling
  • Missing or loose flashing, nails, or metal roof bolts
  • Peeling, curling, or partially lifted shingles
  • Dark streaks or splotches on your roof where it’s covered by shade for the majority of the day

While you may be able to fix some of these smaller issues on your own, there will be times when the roof maintenance is beyond your ability and you’ll need to hire a professional to fix the issue for you.

Removing Moss and Mold
The best way to remove moss from your roof is to simply spray the affected areas of your roof with a moss remover or cleaner. Each product will specify how it’s to be used and you’ll want to make sure you follow these directions. Typically, you will spray the solution onto your roof, then after a designated amount of time, use a soft-bristled broom to gently sweep away any moss or mold that’s found there. You never want to use a hard-bristled broom or power wash your roof because this can wear away your shingles’ granules leaving your roof unprotected from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Cleaning Soffits, Fascia, Gutters, and Downspouts
It’s important to also use your soft-bristled brush to scrub away any debris from your gutters and downspouts. You can also use a garden hose to help aid you in this roof maintenance task. After you’ve finished, make sure to check for any missing caulk, peeling paint, and rotting soffit or fascia. You’ll also want to look for loose or missing sections to your gutters or any leaks that may be occurring. Re-caulking and re-painting are simple roof maintenance tasks, but you can avoid the cleaning process itself by installing gutter screens or covers. This small monetary investment will save you a lot of time and hassle in the long run.

Remembering to Clean Your Chimneys, Skylights, and Vent Openings
After you’re done working on your roof’s main sections, you must remember to also work on your chimney, skylights, and vent openings. Before getting started here, make sure you close off your fireplace so you can use a chimney brush to clean any creosote off it. As you do so, be on the lookout for damage including missing or cracked bricks or mortar. Once you’ve repaired them it’s important to seal your chimney with a water-repellent product. Another important roof maintenance task here involves cleaning, inspecting, and repairing your vent outlets and any skylights your home may have.

Considering More Difficult Tasks
Although these things may seem like they require a lot of hard work, taking these preventative measures is quite beneficial. You’ll want to also take proper safety precautions (e.g. wearing a roof safety harness) while doing so. Of course, there are some tasks that you should leave to the professionals at Avatar Roofing. When such a roof maintenance task arises, make sure you reach out to them immediately.

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