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Roof Damage Resulting From Weather

Roof Damage Resulting From Weather

One of the leading causes of roof damage is bad weather (e.g., heavy rain, high winds, and debris). When your roof isn’t properly cared for or maintained, it can wreak havoc on it. Your roof is in even greater danger for these things when it’s older and already has something wrong with it such as rotting or cracking shingles. It’s important to watch out for minor issues, so they don’t become major expensive issues.

Heavy Rain
Roof shingles that become worn by frequent, heavy rain may start curling or buckling. When this roof damage occurs, your shingles are more likely to break when you have high winds or hail. This will expose the roof to intrusive water. Once water gets inside of your home, it can cause damage to your drywall, flooring, and electrical wire. Here is where roof damage can become quite expensive and problematic – which are two things you want to avoid.

High Winds
When roof damage is caused by high winds, you’ll notice it around the edges and corners of your roof, as well as any area that has already been damaged or worn. This is because the wind can easily get underneath your shingles and force them out of place. As your signals are lifted upwards, the nails that secure them in place become loosened. Due to the way that shingles are installed on your home, all it takes is one or two of them ripping off to initiate a chain reaction that results in other shingles near them also ripping off. It’s easy to spot missing shingles, but you should also look for seven horizontal lines across them.

Strong winds may also cause debris to be blown around, resulting in severe damage to your roof. For instance, when trees or tree limbs break free and land on your roof, they may puncture it or destroy your shingles. Of course, there are also other objects that you need to be on the lookout for (e.g., lawn décor, outdoor furniture, patio umbrellas) easily be picked up and deposited on your roof. Therefore it’s important to bring these items inside when you hear a severe weather alert.

Typically you can spot any damage to your roof that’s been caused by debris simply by looking at your roof or shingles. You should also work in your gutters mouth to see if there is an accumulation of any small granules from which you can infer that your roof has been damaged.

If you believe that a strong storm has passed through your area, causing roof damage, you should take the time to check for obvious signs, which include things like missing shingles on the roof’s edge being torn off. When damage like this occurs, it’s easy for you to notice even though you don’t have a trained eye. However, not all roof damage is easy to see. Things like torn shingles that are caused by hail damage may require you to hire a professional to inspect your roof. When this happens, you’ll want to reach out to us at Avatar Roofing in Tampa, FL.