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Locating And Fixing The Roof Leaks Before It Is A Mess

ways of fixing the roof leaks

Even the smallest of roof leaks are capable of damaging your house. If this roof goes unfixed for a long time it will lead to mold growth. This is not just gross but is also dangerous for your health. This is the reason why locating the source of the leaks and getting it fixed in time must be the top priority for the house owner. Here are the steps for locating the roof leaks and getting them fixed fast.

  1. Look for Initial Signs of Roof Leaks: Normally the initial signs of roof leakage are involved with sight and sound of the dripping water. But apart from this, there are other indicators you will find regardless of whether it is raining outside or not. These telltale signs include water stains on the ceiling, musty odor in some of the rooms, spots on the exterior walls, warped or missing shingles, and bulging patches on the wall interiors. All these signs usually point to potential leaks somewhere in the roof. However, the first indication may not tell you where the actual leakage is. For this, you will have to perform a bit more investigation.
  2. Check the Attic: If you have an attic the next thing to do is to grab a flashlight and climb up into it. Keep a watch on where you are stepping to avoid placing a hole in the ceiling. You need to be looking for water stains, and black or mold marks alongside the roof sheathing and rafters. If you do not have an attic check the roof for any signs of damage. If you are living in a rented condominium get in touch with the property manager or the landlord. They can find contractors for finding and fixing roof leaks. In most cases, small water stains are caused by exposed nails. This is easily fixed by clipping the nails below the head using pliers.
  3. Fixing the roof leaks wherever possible: There are several potential ways of fixing the roof leaks once you have located them. You can do it if you know how to do it. When the leakage is coming through the broken shingles you can remove the nail and scrape the remaining cement from the roofing. Take the new shingle and lay down the fresh cement to nail down the replacement shingle on the exposed area. Depending on where the leakage is appearing from you reapply caulk around the chimneys, window edges, and vents. If the plumbing vent is allowing the water in, you can fix them.


When the problem is beyond a simple DIY and requires a lot of extensive structural damage to the roofing call the professionals such as Avatar Roofing. They can identify the extent of roof damage and provide estimates for repair.