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Common Causes Of Roof Damage

reasons for the occurrence of roof damage

Once you need a roof repair there is little choice about it. If you care about your investment this roof damage has to be taken care of as quickly as possible. If you are proactive about roof maintenance you might not need the roof repair as much but sooner or later you will be required to call in the roofing professionals. Here are the common causes of roof damage.

  1. Rainwater and colder temperature: In the state of Florida there is no need to worry too much about the ice dams. They are the leading cause behind roof damage in the northerly state climates. However, you might receive an occasional cold rain with ice even in Florida or you may get hit by hail storms on some occasions. Remember, it will only take a single severe hit of this kind for causing roof damage.
  2. Strong Winds and Storms: Thunderstorms, hurricanes, and high winds place the roof shingles at great risk like no other reason. You need to select the roofing material that has high-wind resistance in the first place. However, you will need to get an inspection done after the major wind storms to ensure that there are no hidden damages that will result in leakage later on.
  3. Debris: Pieces of debris such as tree branches or any other objects might damage the roof badly depending on the weight and size of these items and the speed at which the wind was flowing. When the storm is strong enough to uproot the trees, it can also damage your house at the time it falls. While inspecting the roof damage ensure that you avoid the larger pieces of debris and the downed power lines if any.
  4. Excessive heat: In the sunshine state of Florida or anywhere for that matter, the ultraviolet rays from the sun and high heat during the summer months take their toll on the roof. Insulation and ventilation of the attic can reduce this problem. You can install a radiant barrier over the attic ceiling to further reduce the detrimental effect of the sun on the roof.
  5. Poor installation: Most roof repairs are directly related to poor installation. If you place the roofing on top of the old shingles it is asking for new leaks and broken shingles. If you do not use underlayment or fail to install the correct flashing as required by not using the roof sealants or by using poor sealants it will result in roofing issues. When you fail to overlap or fasten the shingles properly it can lead to damage.

These are some of the reasons for the occurrence of roof damage. It is not an exhausting list but if you have any problems with roofing in the Tampa, FL area contact Avatar Roofing for a consultation. They can also provide inspection and repair facilities at any given time. You also may wish to discuss the option of roof replacement with them in case the roof has not been inspected for many years.