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Christmas Decorations For Your Roofing! Safety Tips!

Safety tips for Christmas roofing decoration

Christmas is the time when everyone is crazy about the roof, patio, and lawn decoration. Whether you are trying to outclass the neighbors or not is beside the point. You are trying to put up something to display your holiday spirit. When you are putting roofing decorations into place for the occasion there are certain safety precautions you need to undertake to ensure that you do not fall and enjoy a safe Christmas. There is a chance that you may have dust or rainwater in the roofing. Here are some safety tips for Christmas decorations.

Safety tips for Christmas roofing decoration
It is taxing to install Christmas decorations on the roofing. However, looking at the decorations after they have been installed can be a rewarding experience. Everyone is looking up to catch a glimpse of Santa and his reindeer waving at you. However, follow these guidelines and proceed with caution to have a safe and beautiful roof at the time of Christmas.

  • Make sure that you are using wires for protecting the decorations and keep them away from overturning.
  • Rather than trying to carry the pieces of decoration up the ladder, lift them by using a rope after you have positioned yourself safely on top of the roof. This will prevent roof damage.
  • If the decorative lights are suspended from shingles they attract moisture and other such elements. You can install the lights by using clips fixed to the gutters.
  • Don’t rush while removing the decorations from the roofing to avoid ripping them down. It might cause damage to the shingles and gutters. Remove every clip carefully by holding the decorative article. Patience while doing this will stop the repair costs later.
  • Select the right ladder for climbing up to the roofing for decoration and also wear the right outfit to avoid mishaps.
  • Inspect the roofing before the decorations to rule out damage such as broken or loose tiles, torn roofing material, or unfastened shingles. Ensure that the roof is free from debris and there are no signs of other damage.
  • Plan by getting the requisite tools and supplies for a roof inspection.
  • Make sure that you have a dependable assistant helping out from the ground.
  • Use high-quality electrical material for the decorations. You don’t want any electrical issues or fire hazards by using the cheap stuff.
  • Ensure that you are moving cautiously during the installation of bulky items on the rooftop. They are a big challenge during the installation process.
  • Never try to staple or nail the lights to the roof to fasten them. Try to string them by using plastic clips that are fixed to the gutters or shingles.

Unsafe items for roofing decorations

  • Inflatable items such as figures of reindeer and Santa are likely to get blown away from the rooftop with strong winds if they are not set appropriately.
  • Mounting of the seasonal figures may burden your rooftop too much. Therefore take into consideration the load-bearing capacity of your roof before installing them.
  • Try to avoid using staples and nails because they can puncture the wires of your lighting or damage the insulation cover. This may lead to electrical problems.
  • Make sure that you are using recommended gutter clips as the extra weight of the gutter might tear them down.
  • Although the Christmas lights are fun and look amazing you need to be cautious while using them as they may overload the electrical circuits leading to fire hazards.

By using these tips you can safely install the Christmas roof decorations without damaging the shingles on the top. If you are looking for a reputed commercial roofing contractor in the Tampa Bay area, contact Avatar Roofing to get a quote.

Picture Credit: Pexels