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Why Is Roof Cleaning Important?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Roof Cleaning

You might look up at the roof and notice some black stuff growing on the Shingles. You may wonder if it’s mildew, soil, or mold that made its way up there. But whatever it is, it needs to be cleaned up. Roof cleaning is very important to maintain the health and longevity of your roof.

It is also possible that the unidentifiable sludge is algae. As per Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association, the growth of algae on roofs occurs in areas where moisture or water collects. Spores reach the roof by a combination of wind and birds. In case you observe green fuzzy areas on the roof, it’s most likely due to moss growth. Moisture and shade create an ideal environment for moss growth. In case you see any of the situations discussed above, what should you be doing? Does it indicate that it’s time for roof cleaning or should it be left alone?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Roof Cleaning
The most important advantage of cleaning your roof is that it extends the life of the shingle roof and other roofing materials. Although algae won’t harm the asphalt shingles, moss makes the edges of the shingles curl upward. Thus it makes them more likely to blow off the roof in windy weather.

Algae don’t harm the shingles but negatively affect their performance, especially when having a reflective or cool roof. Black algae growth interferes with the reflective properties of a roof.

Speaking about the drawbacks, the most common is the hassle it brings along. Most of us fear the idea of climbing up the roof and hosing it down. None of us would ever want to use a chemical cleaner for killing moss or algae. Most importantly we do not have the time, resources, or expertise to do the cleaning ourselves. This is the reason why it’s recommended to use the services of a professional roofing company.

One more drawback of cleaning the roof is that the cleaning products you use such as bleach often harm the vegetation or plants near your house. You or the roofing contractor should always water the nearby plants and cover them for protection against chemicals before cleaning the roof.

Things Involved In Cleaning The Roof
While cleaning the roof, the focus is to kill and remove moss or algae growth. Chlorine bleach which is usually similar to the ones used for scrubbing the toilet or whitening laundry is effective for killing moss and algae growth. According to recommendations by ARAM, you should be using a 1:1 ratio of bleach to water for cleaning the roof. You are also advised to avoid using a pressure washer on the asphalt shingles as the water’s force can damage the shingle roof.

Allow the bleach solution to sit on the roof for at least 20 minutes and later rinsed with clean water. This when followed by a couple of rain showers will be enough to wash the remaining algae off the roof. You or the roofing contractor may also use a leaf blower for removing the leftover pieces of moss if needed.

Should You Clean or Replace the Roof?
In case your roof appears a little worse for wear, good cleaning should be enough. Moss or algae build-up on the roof may often look like they are in bad condition more than they are. Professional roofing contractors inspect the roof and talk about its condition. After inspection, they give you the best option of doing the work themselves or recommend a reputed roof cleaning company.

If the roof is severely damaged, you might need to replace it completely. A contractor may recommend a shingle roof containing copper or similar materials that help in repelling algae growth. In case you are searching for a reliable roofing contractor in Tampa, FL, you can contact Avatar Roofing. They are an experienced team of professionals and are equipped with advanced cleaning techniques and tools.

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