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The Long-life Luxury Roof: Modern, Money-Saving Solution Of Metal Roofing

metal roofing results in many long-term savings for you as a homeowner

When it comes to home decoration and overall house construction, many homeowners concentrate on the “fun stuff” (such as basic interior design), the overall curb appeal (such as exterior siding, layout, and landscaping), the cost (via energy-efficiency updates, such as solar panels), or simply the absolutely necessary structural repairs. However, regardless of whether it has become a financial requirement to replace the roof, it may be the right time to reconsider the crown of your abode. Modern-day metal roofing provides many benefits, to your decorating sensibilities, to your property value, to your wallet over time, and, most importantly, to your long-term peace of mind!

First of all, metal roofing results in many long-term savings for you as a homeowner. While the installation charges for a metal roof are higher than that of other materials, improved energy efficiency and lower insurance costs will make the initial investment financially worth your while. Due to the special customization of paint coatings that divert the sun’s rays away from the house, metal roofs were dubbed “cool roofs,” a name which they certainly live up to.

By reflecting light and thus heat generated by the sun away from the house, it is naturally cooler inside, which can lead to a substantial reduction in the use of air-conditioners, especially in the summer. Homeowners save as much as 25% to 40% on energy bills after switching to a metal roof, and as a result of decreased use of air conditioning, indoor cooling systems do not need to be replaced as often or frequently, as well. (And not only is this cost-effective year after year, since air conditioners contribute to global warming, limiting their use has the bonus of a beneficial impact on the environment.)

Metal roofing is not only reflective; it is both strong and resistant to fire and heavy winds. Thus, houses that are updated with them lead to a lower insurance rate and premium requirements, which are additional huge savings that will continue annually thereafter. In fact, insurance policy savings after metal roofing is installed can be as high as 35%. Perhaps most importantly, the cost of installation for a metal roof is one that will likely only happen once, as a 2014 study conducted by the Metal Construction Association determined steel roofing lasts for about sixty years.

Once construction is complete, unless you and your family move, you will never have to worry about roof replacement again. And if you do plan to move one day, you can use the “lifetime roof” (metal roof can last 40-70 years) as a selling point! The dual safety and longevity associated with metal roofing cannot be overlooked; you can rest assured that you, your family, and your belongings are protected from natural disasters.

When picturing a metal roof, you may imagine limitations in decorative appeal: sharp silver, extravagant gold, and rusty copper options. However, it is important to note that metal roofing now comes in a wide variety of colors; there are many more than three available shades. It will be a fun process for those who enjoy decorating, and you will doubtlessly find a hue that will match perfectly with your house’s current exterior aesthetic. This can also prove beneficial in attracting prospective buyers in the future if that is your goal.

The professionals at Avatar Roofing would love the opportunity to go over your particular house’s structural requirements and personal aesthetic vision with you. For a one-time installation fee, you can have a roof that provides the most protection from the weather, long-term high energy and insurance savings that will occur annually, and satisfying decorative charm for a very long time.

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