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Some Of The Most Common Roofing Issues

Roofing problems and solutions

As a homeowner, you probably realize that there will eventually come a time when you’ll encounter some roofing problems. This is why occasional maintenance is so important. However, it doesn’t mean there won’t come a time when you may still need to replace your roof because of damage, deterioration, or old age. There are several ways your roof will tell you it’s time for such work to be done.

Roof Leaks
One of the most common roofing problems is leaks. This is because severe weather conditions coupled with prolonged exposure to excessively hot sun can cause your roof to crack or break, which results in leaking. Other causes of roof leaks include lack of maintenance, poor installation, poor workmanship, and old roof materials.

The best way to prevent roof leaks from developing is to conduct regular roof maintenance. You should implement a preventive maintenance plan that includes cleaning your drains, replacing your sealants, and making any necessary repairs as soon as you notice something is wrong. Of course, once a leak does develop you’ll want to effectively repair it as soon as possible.

Roof Punctures
When you have single-ply roofing membranes, too much roof traffic can result in problematic punctures. These roofing problems can also be caused by things like nails being dropped on the roof or having HVAC panels removed. Of course, simple things like weather, falling branches, and wild animals can also put holes in your roofing materials. Regardless of the cause, it’s important to find and address these right away so the repair is quick and easy.

Cracked Sealant
Eventually, the sealing that’s been used around your roof flashings and skylights will reach the end of its life span. When this happens it’ll grow dry, cracked, and brittle, resulting in leaks. This can also happen sooner than you’d expected if a sealant was incorrectly applied or there’s been excessive joint movement. It’s important to determine what’s caused these roofing problems and then choose the right sealant to correct the issue so it doesn’t reoccur.

Flashing Problems
Your roof’s flashing is responsible for protecting the crease between things like your chimney and venting pipes. Typically, it’s made of a material like asphalt that’s bound to start degrading with age. Changing temperatures can also speed up this process, especially if your roof’s flashing is exposed to harsh sun rays. Regardless of when it happens, your flashing will eventually grow brittle and crack and cause leaks and other damage to your roof. Of course, if your roof’s flashing was never properly installed in the first place, all of these things are bound to happen to your roof much sooner than you’d expected.

The best way to handle this situation is to hire a licensed roofing contractor who knows and follows manufacturer recommendations when it comes to properly installing flashing. Afterward, you’ll want to make sure you follow routine roof maintenance so you can detect any flashing problems. Once there’s a problem you must remove and immediately replace it before the problem grows worse.

Improper Repairs
Roofing problems are made worse when repaired incorrectly. They’re also expensive because they lead to the additional cost of undoing the faulty repair and fixing it properly. Typically, this is the result of either an inexperienced technician or incompatible materials which is why you should only work with a licensed contractor who’s approved by the roof system’s manufacturer to install your home’s roof.

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