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Roof Replacement Material Options For Your House

options available as far as material for roof replacement is concerned

Although roof replacement for the house rarely rates high on the list of fun and excitement as far as home remodeling is concerned, if you develop a roof leak this attitude of reluctance may take a sharp U-turn. All of a sudden the prospect of a tightly sealed and dry house appears to be attractive. You can use many different kinds of roofing material for the roof repair. If you perform a little bit more investigation it will lead you to the conclusion that a new roof might be a better idea than a roof replacement with the same material. The selection of proper roofing material needs you to consider appearance, longevity, structural problems, and the costs involved. Here are the options available as far as material for roof replacement is concerned.

  1. Asphalt composite shingles: This is the most commonly used kind of roofing in North America. These shingle are made from a base of fiberglass and is topped with mineral granules and asphalt. The three-tab shingles are an excellent choice for almost all kinds of roof replacements. These shingles come with a 20 or 30 years old warranty. Also, it is fairly easy to replace the damaged shingles. You will find that all roofing companies are familiar with the installation of these shingles. The composite shingles are capable of adapting and flexing to the roof movement due to changes in weather conditions. The cost of asphalt composite shingles ranges from $1.5 to $3.5 per square foot when installed. These shingles have a good lifespan of between 12 to 30 years depending on the quality of the material.
  2. Metal shingles or shakes: The homeowners that do not like the appearance of a standing metal roof but are looking for various advantages associated with metal, you can get aluminum or steel shakes or shingles. These are made from stamped metal and they are finished by using either a good-quality baked coating or mineral granules. The metal shingles may also be fabricated to appear similar to the conventional asphalt shingles, clay, or slate tiles. These shingles are a good choice when appearance is the top criterion. Metal shingles cost anything between $7 and $10 per square foot, including installation. They have a very good lifespan.
  3. Slate shingles: The slate roof is possibly the finest roofing material available and is an alternative for homeowners who need the finest material out there. You can find slate roofs that are hundreds of years old and are still working. The real slate roofing consists of thin sheets of real stone. Slate tends to cleave into sheets. Therefore it is simple to quarry and it is ideal for roofs. However, slate installation is a specialized skill and it is difficult to find qualified installers. They set you back by $30 to $75 per square foot including installation. However, this will in all probability be the only time you will install your roof.
  4. Clay tiles: The clay tiles are made from earthen clay which is molded into interlocking or rolled shapes and fired for hardness. They are many times let unglazed and come with a typical reddish-orange color. The clay might be fired or glazed to form ceramic tiles used for roofing. The clay tiles are excellent roofing materials for hot conditions when the air contains salt. This is the reason why this kind of roofing is used in southern or deserted regions.

When you need a roof replacement after a damaged roof you will need the services of professionals. Not only will these roofers give you fair and sound advice about the preventive measures required for extending the life of the roof but they will also provide an opinion on whether repair or roof replacement is required. If you are living in the Tampa Bay area you can consult Avatar Roofing for expert roofing services and advice.