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Important And Useful Tips For Flat Roof Maintenance

important and useful tips for flat roof maintenance

Each roofing type requires a periodic inspection to ensure they remain functional for years. Unlike other roofs, flat roofs need unique maintenance in comparison to pitched roofs because of their angle of inclination. Although you incur more costs to maintain a flat roof, you save decent money in the long run as such roofs last longer. More importantly, it’s easy to identify and fix issues quickly compared to any other roof type. We have compiled some important and useful tips for flat roof maintenance below.

Regularly Inspect Your Roof
You have to inspect the roof every few months to ensure things are intact. In the case of flat roofs, it’s easier to walk and look for issues. Observe loose seams, rust, blisters, water pooling, etc. If you notice any such conditions, consult a professional roofing company immediately. Additionally, it’s recommended to do flat roof maintenance and get it professionally inspected at least twice each year.

Remove Debris
Flat roofs collect more twigs, leaves, or debris as compared to pitched roofs. Accumulated debris leads to moisture retention which not only compromises the integrity of your roof but also leads to algae or mold growth.

Trim All Surrounding Trees
Trimming of overhanging tree branches is a crucial part of flat roof maintenance. It reduces the instances you need to remove debris build-up on the roof. You may want professional help if you believe there is a possibility of the branch falling on the roof while trimming.

Check The Drainage
Flat roofs are prone to collect water and pooling water indicates poor drainage. Level the spots where you see pooling water to ensure that the water flows through the drainage system. You can also consult a professional roofing contractor to fix the drainage system issues and ensure the water isn’t clogged.

Look For Undue Stress
Flat roofs are prone to undue stress and pressure from too much weight. It is often caused by heavy equipment, snow, and ice. This can be damaging and may cause the roof to collapse and extensive damage to your property. To prevent this, you should procure documentation from the roofing contractor on how much weight the roof can manage.

Fix Leaks Immediately
Similar to other roofs, flat roofs are predisposed to leakages. If you notice a leak, immediately call a roofing contractor to inspect the situation and carry out the required repairs.

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