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5 Tips To Protect Your Roof And Home Before A Storm Hits!

Preparing Your Roof for a Big Storm
  1. Be prepared to deal with your insurance company: Take photos of your roof. Insurance companies are never cheerful to dole out money for repairs. Check for loose or missing shingles or nails that are popping up. You can do this yourself, but remember climbing around on a roof can be dangerous business best left to the professionals.
    Make sure you have proof that your roof was undamaged before a big storm just in case and be positive that your policy is up to date with no gaps or lapses.
  2. Check that all your windows, doors, and sliders are locked and secured before a storm hits:
    If at all possible, use plywood to cover any windows that might be damaged by flying debris. Broken windows, in a storm, can lead to water and wind damage costing thousands of dollars to repair.
  3. Trim your trees and remove debris from the yard and roof:
    Hanging or dead tree limbs and fallen branches can be picked up by a strong wind and damage not only your roof but can break through unprotected windows. Leaves can cause big problems on a roof. They tend to build up, especially in the valleys, and form piles of what is essentially mulch which gets wet and can stay wet during the rainy season. Shingles and even the wood underneath those bunched up, wet leaves can start to rot after a while causing major leaks and damage.
    Move outdoor furniture and anything loose that can fly away in the wind, inside the home or garage if possible. If you can get your cars into the garage or under a carport, it’s wise to do so.
  4. Clean those gutters:
    Make sure that the gutters, drains, and spouts are free of leaves and any other debris so that rainwater can continue to flow during heavy downpours. If the gutters back up, they can cause water damage in your home.
  5. Check inside the house for clues to roofing issues:
    Spots or stains on the ceiling or even peeling paint on the walls can be an indication your roof may be leaking. Check the rafters and insulation in your attic for signs of wetness or water damage. If you see signs of roof leaks, call a roofer and get the damage repaired before more issues occur during the Florida hurricane season.

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Picture Credit: Pixabay