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Roofing Repairs And HOAs – How To Deal

What Is An HOA?

Do you live in a community regulated by an HOA? If your answer is yes, you’ll likely need to communicate with them to work out details for any roofing repair or replacement. Understanding what your HOA requires up-front is key to a successful repair or replacement experience.

What Is An HOA?

HOAs or Homeowners Associations are widely found in desirable communities and neighborhoods. They are made up of a group of people living in the community who act in the best interest of the neighborhood and all of the residents. In certain areas, homeowners’ associations also have some legal rights as well.

The amount of reach these groups have can vary between communities but it usually involves rules and regulations that determine the aesthetics of landscaping, fencing, curb appeal, and general upkeep of a property.

Hiring a Roofing Contractor

It’s the letter you’ve been dreading for a while now. You live in an area with a homeowners association and have received notice to have your ratty-looking roof replaced by the end of the month.

When your roof is in need of repairs, you need a professional, especially when dealing with the rules within an HOA regulated community. You’ll want to seek out a reputable roofing company that will give you both an inspection and an estimate.

Plan to communicate with your HOA about their specific requests for your repair and any rules regarding the actual construction. Having this information readily available for the roofing contractor you choose will help you avoid any unexpected additions or changes to a repair plan.

Sometimes the original notice from your HOA might ask for more repairs than deemed necessary by a professional in the field. If you have the opinion of a professional that differs from what the HOA is asking for, the opinion of the contractor can go a long way in changing the HOA’s original recommendation.

Are You Ready for Repair?

You’ve gotten your estimate and just don’t have the funds to have it done by the deadline you were given. What now?

Oftentimes if you communicate this issue to the HOA board in a friendly and professional way, you may be given an extension on your deadline. Be prepared to present a clear and concise plan to have the repairs done at a later date and this should help your case. Your inspection and estimate from the roofing company could help show them that you are serious about following through with the repair.

If you ever feel like you are being harassed by your homeowners’ association, your attorney can help you decipher whether you are experiencing discrimination and if legal action is necessary.

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