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Choosing The Right Roof For Your Business

Choosing The Right Roof For Your Business

As you look for commercial roofing, you’ll need to consider things like size, weight, shape, and location. Each of these considerations will play a vital role in determining how well your new roof will work. You’ll also need to consider when the best time to work on your roof is. This is important because you’ll have lots of equipment there and more people than usual coming and going. All these things must be considered before any work begins.

The Best Types of Roofs for Businesses
There are a few different types of roofs that are preferential for businesses today. These include:

  • Pitched roofs: Multiple studies have shown that these make great new roofs because they’re less likely to retain water and they’re also easier to maintain. However, it’s more difficult to make roof repairs because you’ll need to take additional safety precautions due to the roof’s pitch.
  • Flat roofs: Many businesses have this type of commercial roofing because it’s both energy and cost-effective, easy to install, and uses space well. However, water puddles quickly form on them, resulting in erosion. This makes continual maintenance necessary unless you install water suspension devices.
  • Low-pitched roofs: Apartment buildings, warehouses, and factories typically use these roofs because water drains off them easily. It’s also easy for commercial roofing professionals to install this type of new roof.

Roofing Materials
After choosing the slope of your roof, you’ll have several materials to choose from, including:

  • Metal (e.g., aluminum, copper, stone-coated steel, tin, lead): This material not only looks appealing, but it’s also tough enough to withstand things like fire and rust.
  • Built-up roofing membrane (BUR): This is a mixture of tar and gravel that’s applied mainly to sloping roofs.
  • Thermoset roof membrane (EPDM): Manufactured from a rubber-like material, this type of roofing can be put on with a single coat. While you may think that this would be a bad thing in regard to its durability, EPDM roofs do a great job of preventing ozone and ultraviolet light damage.
  • Garden roofing (a.k.a. green roofing): This is a great way to stop water from ponding on your roof and keep your building cool at the same time. This is because your roof will be covered with a variety of different types of plants.
  • Modified bitumen roofing: Using a two-ply action, you apply layers of this material to Bitumen roofs to reinforce them. Once applied, it’ll remain sustainable as long as you inspect it yearly and follow through with any necessary maintenance.
  • Thermoplastic roofing (PVC and TPO): These lightweight roofing materials do a great job of resisting UV rays, high winds, fire, and chemical or oil erosion.

Hiring a Commercial Roofing Professional to Put a New Roof on Your Business
Understanding the importance of hiring a commercial roofing professional means, you must look for someone you trust. For this, you’ll want to contact us at Avatar Roofing in Tampa, FL. Throughout the year, businesses have come to trust us, and you should too. Contact us when you’re ready to have a new roof put on your business.