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Top 5 Roof Maintenance Tips for the Spring

Spring and Summer days are often accompanied by severe storms, especially in the months of July and August. Roof damage can occur due to heavy rain, gusty winds, hail, and a sweltering sun at this time of year. As the temperature rises,  there are ways you can prepare your property for the duration of the summer. The top 5 summer roof care tips described below, will help you keep your roof in good shape.

Trim Branches of Trees

Limbs of trees, that dangle across your roof, must be trimmed on a regular basis. This will prevent it from collapsing following a major storm. Although the tree appears to be in good shape, summer storms might force it to snap and fall onto your roof. Keep in mind that branches that hang low typically will strip your shingles. It will also peel layers of asphalt away from your roof. These branches’ fallen leaves as well as twigs can additionally obstruct your gutters. You must be extra careful with a cedar shake roof, since they are susceptible to the buildup of moisture.

Get Rid of Debris

Remove any debris that has accumulated on your roof. Twigs and limbs, for example, can punch holes in the roof and cause leaks. Are you aware that a tidy, debris-free roof may effectively reflect the UV rays from the sun, preventing your home from scorching? When it comes to clearing material from your roof, protection should always come first. Wear shoes with a rubber sole and consider clearing portions of the roof that are unreachable with a leaf blower. Also, never use a power washer on your roof. It  can lift your shingles, exposing your roof to more wind damage.

Replace Gutters That Are Loose

Cleaning your gutters isn’t something most people are happy about doing,  however, it’s essential if you want to avoid serious damage to your home. In the summer, it’s especially vital to clear your gutters along with your drains. This is necessary since numerous objects can clog, such as twigs, dust, leaves, and more. There’s a good probability your gutters are clogged if you observe insects in them. Squirrels or even mice may build their nests out of the objects in clogged gutters. When gutters are obstructed, unfortunately, water will collect and sit beneath your shingles. This provides the ideal environment for mildew and decay to thrive. Following a strong storm, it’s a good idea to inspect them for debris that may have made its way into them. Have your gutters started to sag? If they haven’t been washed in a while, debris can build up and cause them to bend and droop. They may also distance themselves from your home. Finally, look to see if there are any granule particles in the downspouts. It’s a clue that shingle damage has occurred if you observe a lot of it.

Replace Any Lost Shingles

Although replacing shingles appears to be a straightforward task, using incorrect nails or laying new shingles on top of old might result in additional harm. The incorrect shingle might rust, break, and even sprout algae. Walking on broken shingles while checking a roof, for example, could inflict more problems and cause roof leaks. Even minor patchwork renovations can have an influence on your roof’s overall safety and health. Many homeowners employ specialists to evaluate and replace missing shingles as a result of these issues.

Search For Damage in Attic

Are you aware that in the summer, your attic may reach temperatures of up to 140 degrees? During the day, your roof collects a significant amount of heat from the UV rays of the sun. It then travels into the air of your attic. Your roof’s lifespan can be shortened by a poor ventilated attic that has accumulated heat. Your shingles may break and bend as a result of the heat, leading to roof leaks. Insulation of your attic is so important in the summer for preventing the entrance of heat and moisture.


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