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Top 5 Most Common Roof Repairs to AVOID!

Roofs typically last around two decades. Weather conditions and storms might cause unanticipated issues with a roof’s longevity, forcing homeowners to repair their roofs way before their lifespan. If you are not aware of what kind of issues your roof can endure, it might be tough to identify once you’re having problems. To assist you, we’ve compiled a list of the most common reasons for contacting a roof repair contractor.

Water Leaks Through the Roof

Unfortunately, a leak in the roof is a major sign that roof damage has occurred. It can be easy to identify, for the most part. However, at times, it can leak in such a subtle way that it can go undetected at other times. Finding the cause of the leak could be tough for someone who isn’t a roofing specialist. This is why you should seek a skilled roofer, regardless of the magnitude of the leak. There could be a significant amount of water on one section of the roof. This unfortunately can cause a tiny, black area on the ceiling. Additionally, the roof could be close to crumbling.

Lack of Ventilation

If you notice blisters developing on your shingles, this can be caused by extreme heat from inadequate ventilation. To make matters worse, poor air movement can stimulate the growth of mold and mildew. The wooden components of the roof could be rotting. This is a serious matter since these components help hold the structure of the roof in place. Poor roof ventilation typically leads to infestations from a variety of insects, which is why it is imperative that you have your ventilation examined and fixed.

Gutters NOT Draining Water

Although gutters are designed to drain water, debris like twigs, branches, and much more, can accumulate in them and, unfortunately, obstruct them.  As a result, they should be thoroughly cleaned out two times a year. If you fail to get them cleaned, debris can plug the drains and hinder water from properly traveling through the gutters. This can cause the water to settle on the roof, causing it to deteriorate. Also, the weight of the water might force the gutters to disintegrate, which is why it has to be fixed right away.

Flashing Installed Incorrectly

The flashing around chimneys, skylights, vent pipes, etc.,  seals the places where your roof has been pierced. When it is improperly installed, it can result in exposed seams as well as laps, causing tiles to drift away. In addition, poorly secured flashing might diminish your roof’s puncture resistance. In some cases, inexpensive inferior materials were utilized when the roof was first built, causing the flashing to come undone or bend, resulting in leaks.

Shingle Replacement

Shingles are used to cover the majority of residential roofs. It’s a long-lasting textile that shields from UV rays as well as strong winds. However, when the weather gets really bad, it might cause problems. Problems can include the following:

  • If shingles are extensively marred by intense weather, they may break. To avoid leakage, they must be repaired.
  • The edges of shingles that bend or shrivel may raise, allowing water to infiltrate beneath.
  • Shingles crack if they extend and then compress as a result of a temperature shift. This must be fixed as soon as possible, to prevent further damage.
  • Shingles usually diminish as a result of severe conditions or normal aging.
  • Extreme temperatures or a lack of moisture can cause shingle edges to curl significantly. 
  • As shingles get old, granules fall out, revealing the underlying surface. If you see granules surrounding your house, your shingles are losing their granules.

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