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The Ultimate Roof Replacement Guide

Our homes are the single biggest purchase we make in our lifetimes, with buying a vehicle being the second largest purchase decision we make. But I would argue, that if you are a homeowner and think you might need to replace your roof to protect your most valuable purchase, then a roof replacement could be considered for the #2 spot. With such an important financial decision, you go to Google and read articles like this one to help you learn more about the world of roofing and what to do if you’re having roof problems.

This article is meant to be your ultimate guide to roof replacements, and how to go about it. We will discuss everything from roof replacement benefits, time to buy, and roof repair issues and what to look out for. Once you feel more comfortable about your decision and decide to go ahead and pull the trigger, we encourage you to read our guide of the New Roof Installation process on this blog. If you have any questions during any step of the process, give us a call at 813-962-7663, and our friendly and knowledgeable customer support staff will help!

Top 5 Signs That it’s Time to Replace Your Roof

Believe it or not, a roof leak isn’t the sole factor that necessitates replacement. As a matter of fact, a leak is frequently the last indicator that a roof requires replacement. A roof nearing the end of its useful life may exhibit a variety of other signs. The top 5 signs that it’s time to replace your roof are listed below:

You have mildew and mold growth on your roof.

The presence of mildew or mold on your ceiling could indicate that your roof is leaking. While this may be true, it could also indicate that you have a condensation problem or a plumbing issue. To be certain, double-check that your insulation is dry and that your home is well-ventilated. Before continuing with a roof repair, ensure there are no leaks in your bathroom fixtures or plumbing lines. Repairing any of these issues is less expensive than replacing the roof.

You found cracks on your roof.

Wind damage is a common cause of cracked shingles. If the cracks only affect a couple shingles, changing them is perhaps the most cost-effective option. If there are cracks strewn throughout your roof, it’s a sure sign you should replace it. Looking in your attic, turning out the lights, and peering upwards at your roof are other ways you can search for cracks. Additionally, incoming light could indicate that cracks are present in your roof and needs to be repaired immediately. It is strongly advised to replace your roof within three years after noticing any roof damage.

Parts of your roof are rotting.

A decaying roof can cause major structural problems in your home. When wood is subjected to dampness for an extended period of time, it rots. This causes fungus to grow and degrade a structure. It’s critical that you are able to spot a deteriorating roof promptly to ensure that the damage doesn’t spread.

Your roof is leaking water.

Leaks in your roof are a visible sign that your roof is failing. You should start by checking your attic shortly after a rainstorm, to see if there is a leak. Look for any signs of water intrusion. After all, leaks in the home are frequently the source of the problem. It’s also necessary to check your roof for frozen dams on the outside. This happens when the snow on your roof melts, flows downward to the edges of the roof, and then freezes over again. As water travels to the ice blockage, it may begin to run beneath your shingles and into your home.

Your energy / electric bill costs have increased. 

If your energy bill has been skyrocketing during cooler months, this is a sign that your roof is poorly insulated. Many homeowners believe it is due to the windows and doors. However, the roof is frequently the source of the problem. Air can readily come in and out of a poorly insulated roof, resulting in high energy expenditures. Additionally, when warm and cool air meets it creates condensation or water droplets. These droplets can build up and damage your roof materials. However, adequate insulation prevents heat transfer through the roof and therefore minimizes the risk of condensation between its layers.

Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Roof

You may hesitate and ignore a pricey repair after receiving an estimate for a new roof. It’s the feeling almost every homeowner has when beginning to look into the pricing of a new roof. There’s no getting around the fact that roofing is pricey. If you acquire a new roof, you have the opportunity to perform basic preventive maintenance, to extend the roof’s lifespan and prevent expensive repairs. However, if you decide to purchase an older model home, it’s highly likely that the roofing hasn’t been replaced for years. So, the only practical choice is to replace the roof totally. Let’s look at four reasons why you should replace your roof.

Replacing your roof is an excellent investment.

The majority of homeowners, understandably, are put off by the cost of a new roof. After all, it is not inexpensive. It does, nevertheless, offer a decent financial return. Oftentimes, homeowners who want to sell their home elect to repair their roof. A premium roofing system’s ROI is typically estimated to be about 70%, which is exceptional. For those who aren’t interested in economics, this implies that when you sell your home, you’ll probably get approximately 70% of the cost of your new roof. Appraisers have reported that new roofs significantly increase property value. So, you’ll most likely get a return on your investment in the future. A new roof has a 20-year or longer lifespan, with some reaching 30 years especially when it is properly maintained and cared for. It’s a fantastic long-term investment, whether your roof is in need of repair or will be sold.

Replacing your roof improves the appearance of your home.

A new roof not only provides a positive return on investment, but it also has a substantial impact on your home’s appeal. A nice curb appeal is important regardless if you expect to sell your home or dwell there for a while. When it comes to exhibiting your house to potential buyers, curb appeal is crucial. Furthermore, your neighbors will appreciate someone who takes pleasure in their property and surroundings. As a result, it helps to increase not only the worth of your home, but also the value of the surrounding properties. It is not a simple decision to replace a roof. Of course, it isn’t always possible to fit it into a budget. However, if your roof is rapidly disintegrating, a roof replacement is the most important upgrade you can make.

Replacing your roof saves on energy costs.

Rightfully so, homes that are energy efficient are the most desirable homes. New homes tout all of the energy-saving features, which is why homeowners are remodeling their existing homes to make them more energy-efficient. Energy bills aren’t getting any cheaper. So, among the many energy-saving home upgrades you can perform, your roof is unquestionably one of them. A well-installed roofing system from a reputable manufacturer can save you a lot of money on your energy bills. It will also increase the area’s comfortability. New technologies that promote heat diversion are used in the new roofing systems. As a result, the house maintains a cool temperature, and uses less energy to regulate the temperature.

Replacing your roof maintains the stability of your home.

Although a roof is an outside feature, it also serves as a functional internal feature. Roofs that are in good condition go unseen and do their job well. Roofs that are in poor condition degrade the atmosphere of the home. As a result, don’t undervalue their worth. During the winter months, you’ll discover that an old roof will easily allow warm air to escape. At the same time, it will cause cool air to enter your property.

Preparing for a New Roof Replacement

Replacing your roof is unquestionably a significant home improvement undertaking for any homeowner. Although the prospect of a brand new roof can be thrilling, there are a number of issues that can make it worrisome. How can you locate a reputable roofer who will not cut corners or overcharge for shoddy work? How do you know which materials to choose? Is it permissible to use a particular sort of material? But don’t be concerned. It’s absolutely natural to have so many questions since it implies you are concerned about the welfare of your roof as well as the safety of your family. Because we care about your roof and family, we’ve compiled a list of the most important roof replacement facts to remember. Here are some things to take into consideration.

What Should you Consider?

  • To improve your curb appeal, try a design that is visually appealing.
  • The weather should always be taken into account. It is vital to select a material that’s most suited to the climate in your area. That is the most efficient method for ensuring that your roof will survive as long as feasible.
  • You should consider placing a second layer of shingles to your roof. This could be a terrific answer for your specific circumstance. However, first consult with your roofer to see if it’s a decent alternative.
  • Prepare your home for a job of this magnitude. A roofing team will be strolling on your roof, which implies some trembling and sensations are to be expected. Remove everything that you might not want to collapse and shatter from the walls.
  • Be sure to take fire as well as wind factors into consideration. This is important because sometimes companies fail to submit their products for testing. It’s very crucial to double-check prior to signing for any roofing material.

Hiring a New Roof Replacement Company

There is a lot involved in purchasing a new roof. A new roof should not be an impulse decision; rather, buying one is a valuable and important process that you should be prepared for. A new roof is an investment for your home that will last for years to come. Here are some common mistakes people make when considering the purchase of a new roof.

Do not shop on price alone.

Avoid being tempted to save a few dollars by going with a lower-quality roof. When investing in a new roof, it is crucial that you do not cut corners. You should not skimp or look for the cheapest quote when buying a new roof. A quality roof will last you for many years and will always pay off in the end. Remember, “You will get what you pay for.” If you choose a cheaper roof, the chance that you will have problems increases. A roof is a significant investment that provides your family with a safe haven. Make all of your decisions with that in mind.

Don’t accept email quotes and get everything in writing.

You should request an estimate and ensure that everything is in writing. You should be given a clear start and finish date and should comprehend what you’re buying. We know that everyone is busy, and that’s why we get a lot of requests to be sent via email without coming to evaluate your roof in person. In our experience that just doesn’t work. On our first visit to your home we listen to your concerns and problems. We also inspect your roof, take photos and take careful measurements. This is done so that we can design the best roof and/or gutter system for your home.

We then return to the office to design your roof system and uncover any questions or concerns we need to discuss with you further. As a homeowner, you will have questions for us regarding many issues, including but not limited to: how did we arrive at our quote, timing, length of the job, specific materials, warranty, etc. All of those need to be addressed face to face in a conversation, which is why we ask for a follow-up instead of just an email with just a price. We will NEVER pressure you to purchase a new roof replacement with us. We instead try and develop a rapport and do our best to create a solution for the problems you are experiencing. If we’re a good fit, great! If not, that’s OK too.

Do you research on local roofing companies.

It is good practice to consider more than one roofing company. However, you should hesitate to hire a roofer who is anxious to start the project right away. Ask, why they are so available? The best roofers are always in demand and often have several weeks scheduled before they can begin work on your home or business. Research roofing companies and examine their experience records. We also strongly recommend that you research through the Better Business Bureau. Always double-check your roofer’s qualifications. This is how you will know if they’re actually trustworthy and competent, and it’s also the ultimate way to receive your money’s value. A quick and simple way to do that is to check out their google reviews. Having over a 4 star rating does help. Avoid roofers who have a habit of making promises they are unable to keep. They are merely out to take full advantage of your circumstances.

Be aware of too good to be true roof warranties.

If something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Be cautious of lengthy warranties from unrated roofers. A long warranty is great, but if the company or roofer is nowhere to be found, the warranty will do you no good. 83% of roofing company complaints with the BBB are from customers who chose the lowest bid!

Are You Searching for a Reputable Roofer?

You should find it simpler to make crucial selections now that you know what to focus on when purchasing a new roof. When embarking on a project of this kind, however, the best thing you can do is contact a highly reputable local roofer. They will provide superb advice from beginning to end. Leaving you with a high quality roof that will last for years to come. If you’re ready to replace your roof and you are looking for a top roofing contractor, contact us directly at 813-962-7663.