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Are You a New Homeowner? 9 Facts You Should Know About Your Roof

For new homeowners, purchasing a new house is energizing. It brings so much joy, enthusiasm, and happiness. However, did you know there are certain important considerations to make, when it comes to your roof? The following are 9 things you should remember about your roof.


Inspect Your Roof on a Regular Basis

Defective or misplaced shingles can be difficult to spot, but a thorough inspection of your roof on a regular basis will identify these minor problems. Days that you are taking care of your home it’s a good idea to also grab that ladder and do a quick self inspection on your roof. Remember to check the attic and the concealed areas of the ceiling before calling it a day.

Repairs Should Be Done by Professionals

While we are comfortable doing all of our own repairs and maintenance, there are hazards involved. You’re more likely to damage the gutter if you don’t have any training. Even worse, you won’t be able to protect yourself from harm if you happen to slip and fall without suitable safety equipment.

Your New Roof Won’t Sustain Indefinitely

Regardless of how well you maintain your property, the roof will eventually wear out. If your roof contains asphalt, for example, you’ll need to repair it about every two decades. When buying a house, inquire about the roof’s age, regardless of the material utilized. If you’re buying an older property, make sure that the price of it is determined by the roof’s age, as you’ll have to replace it years later.

Roof Leaks Aren’t Always a Sign of Roof Holes

As shocking as it may seem, leaks are often not visible and therefore, cannot be held solely responsible for the damages. Poor craftsmanship is a big contributor – and one that is frequently overlooked. Your problems could be caused by missing nails or exposed shingles.

Gutters Must be Cleaned Routinely

Every year, especially, during the spring and autumn, you’ll need to plan a time to remove the debris that’s on your roof. Permitting dust particles to accumulate on the roof will lead to the formation of mold and, eventually, gutter leakage. Gutter leaks, if left ignored, can create unexplainable interior damage that could be pretty expensive to repair.

Have Your Roofer’s Contact Information Accessible

Roof problems can happen unexpectedly and at any point in time, and if you don’t respond quickly, they can turn into significant problems. Find a reliable roofer ahead of time, before you’re in severe need of one.

Recognize your Choices

There are many roofing alternatives available, but not all of them will fit your circumstance. Your home’s design, your budget, and the weather all play a factor in determining the roofing type to use. If you reside in a very sunny location, you might want to consider energy-efficient shingles. If you live in a region where violent storms occur frequently, you may want to consider shingles that are extremely durable and can survive high winds. You should also choose a style that complements the rest of your property. A decent, functional roof has a significant impact on your home’s resale value.

Keep an Eye Out for Potential Problems

The portions of your roof closest to roof infiltrations, including vents and chimneys, are the most vulnerable to leaks. To avoid leaks, it’s critical to maintain a close eye on these regions. 

Your Roof is Likely Covered by a Warranty

As a new homeowner, you’ll want to know if your roof is covered by a warranty. If that’s the case, find out what kind of maintenance and upkeep are guaranteed. 


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