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6 Steps to Getting Ready for a Roof Replacement

A new roof may be a thrilling experience for the whole family. You eagerly anticipate the opportunity to upgrade your roof so that your home appears and operates like brand new, and your children and dogs usually like watching roofers perform their job duties. However, when roofers arrive, your property will be the working environment. This can be stressful especially if you don’t have everything ready. Although roofing contractors strive to ensure the replacement of your roof is stress-free and convenient, there are necessary precautions you must take. You also should prepare your household for this major task. 

Keep your Personal Items Safe in the Attic

Keep in mind that throughout the entire roof project, roofers will not only be walking on your roof, but also using tools, such as a hammer, as well. This means that  dust as well as debris may flow into the attic. To keep your items safe, you should cover them or remove them, until your roof has been replaced. Consider removing the ones that are most fragile and valuable.

Make Sure Patio Furniture Is Out of the Way

Prior to the beginning of the project, consider moving your patio away from the roof.  Also, if you have any valuable items in your yard, consider putting them away as well. This includes grills, lawn ornaments, or plants, for your own benefit and the safety of your items. If you don’t have enough space to store your possessions, make sure they’re out of the way of the roofers. This will help prevent them from being damaged.

Move Your Vehicle

Allowing the roofer accessibility to parking will definitely be a huge assistance to him, as well as a safety precaution for your entire family. A variety of items will be loaded and unloaded, when the roofing contractors arrive. When your vehicle is out of the way, it makes it more convenient when they can do it right beside your home. Furthermore, when you move your vehicle, you will reduce the risk of inadvertent scuffs and damage to your vehicle.

Take Down Any Wall Decorations

You may experience some tremors when the roofers are working, but don’t panic; this is normal. Vibrations are typically created by hammering and can impact your home’s walls, particularly those on the upper levels. It’s advisable to take down wall decorations before they get started. This will keep them from sliding off the wall and causing damage.  Paintings, mirrors, and other similar items fall under this category.

Make Power Outlets Easily Accessible

Power outlets will be needed by your contractors. Outdoor ones or outlets in the garage are more convenient and will make it simpler for them to complete the job. If the distance between the power outlet and the roofers’ workspace is too great, obtain an extension cord immediately and keep in mind that it will have to pass between entryways. Make sure no one trips over the cord, by paying close attention to safety. It’s preferable to utilize it where there’s the least amount of traffic.

Secure All Windows

We already discussed the possibility of vibrations and debris falling from the roof, both of which might scrape and ruin the windows. Utilize boards to protect your windows from damage, until your old roof has been replaced.


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