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St Pete Roof Replacement on 33rd Ave N

Roof Estimate & Inspection

When we originally got a call to come and estimate for a new roof replacement, we arrived the next day and evaluated the property, and gave the owner a breakdown of the estimated cost to install new overlay and roof shingles. Before every job, we carefully evaluate and measure all corners of your roof, and will fully inspect the property in order to give the most accurate pricing estimate and inform you of any unbeknownst issues.

Roof Tear Off

It’s impossible to properly install a new roofing system without removing the old roof completely. Many fly-by-night companies have been known to install new products over the old, this is a sign that your roof will not have a long-life expectancy. The old roofing will have to be removed before the new roofing materials are put in place. All of the old shingles are removed, while leaving behind a clean and solid deck. A tarp is used to catch any debris. Here at Avatar Roofing we never cut corners, the old roof should always be removed to the sheathing and rebuilt.

Roof Deck and Sheathing

After removing the old roof, next is the evaluation of the deck and sheathing. This involves any removal and replacement of plywood to ensure a solid foundation for the underlayment installation. Roof sheathing is made up of layers that provide structural support and a base on which roofing materials are then attached upon. Any moist areas or trouble spots will be replaced during this process

Roof Underlayment

Roofing underlayment is what lies between the shingles and the roof sheathing, or roof deck. It’s installed directly on the roof deck and provides a secondary layer of protection from the elements. It can be organic felt, synthetic or peel and stick. They are saturated in water resistant materials and comes in multiple grades. The underlayment starts off by being rolled along the eaves then working upwards to the ridge. The underlayment is then secured in place by using synthetic or organic underlayment, it is then properly fastened. Row by row the underlayment is rolled out, then secured with roofing cap nails or adhered to the deck with peel & stick.

Roof Shingle Installation

Roof shingles are a roof covering consisting of individual overlapping elements. Starter shingles are also a critical step in shingle coverage. Shingles are meant to overlap each other, but starter shingles are specifically designed to be the first row of the eave edge. This will create a barrier that’ll keep water from running in between the seams of the first shingles and creating a leak. Next, will be the installation if the main roof’s shingles. They are applied in an over lapping pattern and secured with a nail gun.

Ridge Caps and Ventilation

A ridge cap is a building material that is installed along the ridge line of a sloped roof. A traditional gabled roof on a home is made up of two sloped sides that meet in the middle. The point where these two sides meet forms the apex of the roof and is known as the ridge or ridge line. These are the top shingles at the very peak of your roof. These are specifically designed for this purpose. For ventilation, we cut out the ridge on both sides ¾ of an inch on each side of the ridge, then it’s the installation of the ridge vents.

Property and Roof Cleaning

Once all the above steps are completed, we lastly comb through the property using a magnetic sweeper to catch any nails, along with a visual inspection. This will ensure no debris, trash or nails are left behind. Before any children or pets are let out around the area it is always a good idea as a property owner to have a final look at your property yourself in order to double check for any hidden nails or debris.

Final New Roof Install

Once the property and roof is cleaned up, we go over the final results with you to ensure you’re 100% happy and satisfied. If there’s ever any issues that need to be addressed, we have a dedicated customer service team at our office you can call anytime!