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Modified Bitumen Roof

Modified Bitumen Roof Contractors in Tampa

There is only one Tampa roofing leader for modified bitumen roofing systems (MBRs) and that is Avatar Roofing LLC. We use asphalting roofing materials in all of our MBR Installation. We provide up to five different components that can be combined in many ways to form MBRs. We can use insulation to form a substrate or a strong foundation for the roof. Placing a lower ply sheet under a bitumen based ply which is fully modified. In addition, modifying a bitumen membrane that consists of either fiberglass matting or polyester for our Tampa Roofing Installations.

Modified bitumen roofing systems are specifically designed to provide protection for flat roofing surfaces. This type of roof covering has the ability to create a tight seal, preventing leaks and surface damage from affecting the interior of your residential and commercial business facilities. With the overlapping manner in which the modified bitumen materials are installed, there are virtually no seams that you must contend with during the different types of weather elements that are present throughout the Tampa area. This includes hurricanes, winds, earthquakes, and other such damaging situations that are common in our region. 

Most modified bitumen roof systems can be applied quickly. This is due to the manufactured rolls that make it possible to apply the covering in layers. This also provides sealed seams throughout the entire surface as well as at the edges of your roofing system surface. You will find that the modified bitumen rolling systems can even be applied over existing tile roofing for a cleaner, more organized project. It also allows us to address roof repair needs you encounter due to weather elements and storm conditions for faster building coverage. 

Benefits of a Modified Bitumen Roof

At Avatar Roofing, we have seen a wide range of advantages that modified bitumen roof systems offer for both residential and commercial building facilities. Our customers have experienced these benefits which include the following:

  • Long lifespan and Easy to Repair
  • Flexible, allowing for the ability to expand and contract without damage
  • Durable and Weather-resistant
  • Available in factory manufactured rolls making them easy to install and ensuring quality control

Why choose Avatar Roofing?

By contacting Avatar Roofing for your modified bitumen roof system needs, you will gain the following:

  • Free estimate for all products and services
  • Professional consultation services
  • Service appointments that fit around your schedule
  • Well-organized project and workspace
  • Necessary inspections and permits required for the project from start to finish
  • Follow-up services as needed
  • Project updates and communication

Here at Avatar Roofing, we have decades of experience providing our customers with top-rated roofing system solutions for their Tampa homes and businesses. Our team consists of residential roofers and commercial roofing system specialists that have the knowledge, experience, and certifications to answer all of your questions and concerns related to your roofing needs. As a vested member of our community, we work diligently to ensure our friends and neighbors have the confidence they need to ensure their properties are well protected no matter what type of conditions hit our area.